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Take Away the Stone/Prophetic Word - May 2020

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

I heard God say, tell them I have removed the stone that has held you back. You've been locked up, stuck, paralyzed; uncertain about things; fearful; dreading, and numb; that stone that people closed you up behind; that stone that has kept you from walking in your God ordained call, your purpose, and your destiny; the stone I'm talking about is the stone of rejection; the stone of lack; the stone of bitterness; the stone of want; the stone of failure; the stone of poverty; worry; oppression; depression; disobedience; I'm rolling the stone away and I'm calling you out. Today I want you to begin to see yourself like I see you, through my blood, see the vision again that I told you to write about and make plain; see yourself in Me, as I am - so shall you be says the Lord. I am your beginning and I am your end; I have not spoken and it don't come to pass; just as I spoke the world into existence, and it was good, shall my words that I've spoken over you come to pass and not return void, but it will accomplish the purpose I sent it to do in you; I'm calling you to the greater works in this season. Don't be afraid to change directions.

In this season you will not have to fight, your battle has already been won; victory is yours, see it, says God. I've taken away the stone that has held you back for My Glory; I've prayed for you; and you are mine. You are in my hands and no man can pluck you out; it's time to move forward in me as My representative and ambassador in the earth realm. I've been revealing myself in ways you have not even recognized, but today as I take away the stone, you will begin to see me in ways you've never imagined. I say to you, your eyes have not seen that which I'm about to do through you - and as I was with Moses, so shall I be with you. I will lead you into places no other man has gone or will ever go. I will cause you to rise above those things that has held you back. I am your strong tower and what I'm doing no man can thwart; no one can get the Glory for what I am doing in your life but Me, says the Lord.

That which has been coming up against you all these years has been returned to its sender seven-fold. I am a just God and what I speak is fair and just, I correct the misdirected and send them in the right direction. I will lead them step by step. God says, for every road you travel from this day forward, it will lead you right to Him. Don't be afraid to change directions. The Storm is Over Now.

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