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Get Ready for the Launch

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Don't allow depression to set in when you hit a low place in life. Elijah hit a low place in his life, running from Jezebel (the enemy) and asked God to take away his life. He was ready to give up, throw in the towel. BUT, as he got in his quiet place under the juniper tree, he could hear God's still small voice telling him to GET UP and eat.

Sometimes you just need to get quiet in your spirit when you hit a low point, so you can hear the Holy Spirit speak to you and give you instructions. Sometimes in life, low places come so God can position us for our next. He wants to give us divine strategies to carry out His will. He wants to show you things you've never seen before so you can do what you've never done before, and you shall do great exploits in your NEXT as Elijah did. He got up, ate and went on to his next.

Sometimes your lowest place can become your stepping stone, a launching pad to propel you into your next level or dimension in God so that you may walk out our purpose and plans He has for you. Get ready for your launch!!!

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