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As a young Mother with small children, I worked hard to provide for my children.  However, due to overwhelming and unexpected circumstances, there were months when I lacked the finances to provide for my growing children.  I used to say, "all I need is a helping hand to get over this hump."  It was so hard one time, that in the effort of trying to obtain food stamps for one month, DHR informed me I was $1 over the income limit to qualify.  I remember sitting in that office crying, wondering how we were going to make it.  I would say, "God all I need is a helping hand."  Being in these circumstances were not easy, but God always made a way.  This is the motivating factor that drives my compassion to lend a helping hand to others.  That is why our non-profit is called "Helping Hands of Bethel Ministries.  

Others Programs we provide are:

  • Meals and nutrition assistance

  • Clothing and blankets

  • Rental and utility assistance in emergency situations

There is a dire need for action.  When our Community Action Agency, Churches, or other organizations providing similar services reach their limitation for that month, I'd love to be able to assist.  We will lend a helping hand to help transform lives.

Helping Hands



Our mission is to touch the hearts of everyone through love and the hands of God as He change their lives, as we strive to assist in ending hunger, achieve food security and help improve their food supply.


We provide services and resources to eligible seniors, low to moderate level income individuals and families.  We help to promote self-sufficiency to bridge the GAP in times of need. We are here to help alleviate financial stress due to overwhelming or unforeseen circumstances as we strive to transform lives and make a difference to eliminate food shortages one family at a time


Core Values:

Service:  We serve honorably with compassion and respect.  We love, we care, and we give back.

Integrity:  We uphold the highest standard of integrity and ethical behavior.

Excellence:  We are committed to serving everyone in excellency.

Stewardship:  We manage our resources with the utmost care and responsibility.

Communication:  We value communication.  We strive to be to be open and forthcoming with our customers, partners, and our communities both locally and around the globe.

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