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Bethel Bible Institute 



About Us

Bethel Bible Institute (BBI) is an affiliate Satellite Extension of North Carolina Bible

Institute (NCBI) where the Visionary and Founder is Dr. J. L. Cook, and President, Dr.

Judy Cook, located in Carolina Beach, NC.

We are a higher education school that is dedicated to Pastors and professional

Christian workers desiring to become better equipped in order to accomplish the work to

which God has called them. This institution offers specific courses that are designed to

immediately assist the busy Pastor or church worker in their respective fields.

Bethel Bible Institute is purposed to provide quality Biblical training that will offer

students the opportunity to increase in scriptural knowledge, develop and inspire

Christian leadership, and channel zealous hunger for the things of God into highly

effective ministries. It is our goal to ignite in students a passion for God’s heart, for His

people, and for His Kingdom. BBI is established upon the foundational truths of God’s

Word as a fundamental, evangelical, Bible-believing institution, and students are taught

to become effective ministers and leaders who serve the Body of Christ with humility,

power and love

List of Studies

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Associate of Biblical Studies

Adult Graduation

Bachelor of Biblical Studies 

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Graduate of


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Master of Theology

College Graduate

Doctorate of Theology

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